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Emily Gillis


Emily Gillis Design offers an extensive range of interior architecture and design services including discovery, concept design, design development, construction documentation, furniture procurement and styling.




Prior to the commencement of each project, our design studio meets with each client for a thorough briefing to establish a shared understanding of the project’s vision, objectives and constraints.

Concept Design

A design concept is developed for the project by the design studio and is presented to the client to illustrate the vision, design philosophy and key design ideas subject for the client’s approval.

Design Development

An opportunity for our design studio to develop on the approved concept design, providing the client with greater detail about the project’s ongoing development with the addition of drawings, schedules, finishes, fixtures, fittings and equipment, et al.


Documentation of the project is developed and finalised to commence construction. Schedules for furniture, fixtures and equipment are collated and issued to the client with the drawing package.

Styling and Furniture Procurement

Our design studio works closely with the client during this curatorial phase, meticulously selecting fabrics, finishes, lighting and furniture to complement and complete the space. Detailed layouts and plans pertaining to furniture selections are provided and upon approval, the procurement is carefully managed by the studio, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free process for the client. Our design studio is also able to curate and collect accessories, artwork and stylised pieces for a project upon request.

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